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How to write possessive of james

The apostrophe - University of Bristol An example is: “The school’s, which is across the street, bell rings at three o’clock.” I expect that the answer is to change my phrasing. You need to be a bit careful with apostrophes; many people make the mistake of putting them. If the possessor is a plural noun ending in s, simply adding an apostrophe after the final s indicates possession. Have you seen James's book?

How to Make Your Last Name Plural This Christmas Season — Kate. A friend and I were looking at a poster that read “guys apartment.” I believe it should read “guys’ apartment.” She claims that it should read “guys’s apartment” and that the CMOS specifiy gives the example of “guys’s” to make “guys” possessive. Did no one teach these people how to make their last names plural.” I scream as I chuck the cards into the fire heretofore crackling peacefully.

Apostrophes and Proper Nouns - Grammar & Punctuation The Blue. Question: Is it proper English to add an "es" instead of an apostrophe-s to form the possessive? For apostrophes with possessive proper nouns, remember these three. and documents lately that write the possessive of James as James's.

Grammar Girl How to Make Family Names Plural Quick and Dirty. There must be some dialectal variation on that matter, as here it seems that the range of names for which such omission of such can occur is narrower; using "Spears" or "Jesus" without modification as an s-genitive form does not sound rht to me, even though I would definitely due so for other names with a specific /(V)z/ morpheme at their end. So it seems we have two patterns, as I have read before: 1) People like Lazar who tend to add "iz" anyway, but there are some exceptions (Spears..., ...adding iz to Jesus seems something that varies regionally..., likely to be left out if a name already ends with "ziz", "siz", "sis" as in Moses, etc...) 2) People like Travis who tend to make a distinction between one-syllable words and words that have more syllables, so you have Spears's mother ("iz" added) but Williams' house (no "iz") That's curious. Learn how to make names plural. Is it Kennedies or Kennedys? Does Bellman become Bellmen or Bellmans? Grammar Girl explains.

The Grammarphobia Blog When did “Venus's beauty” get a For example, Christine, from Portland, Oregon; Judy from Traverse City, Michan; Katy from Australia; Kristi from Washington, D. When did we begin putting a second "s" in a possessive word like "Chris's". words ending in “s” “Chris,” for example were made possessive by adding. in s—hence 'Dylan Thomas' poetry,' 'Etta James' singing,' and 'that.

Apostrophes - how to understand and use them correctly How do you use the possessive after nouns that already end in S or Z? The pattern I have is similar to that which Lazar has, except that the special cases which don't take the extra /ɪz/ are more limited, as certain sorts of names that Lazar would omit such from, such as "Spears" and "Jesus", are ones that I would still include such with. James' wife or. redbtn The apostrophe is never used with possessive pronouns. The use of contractions tends to make writing less formal.

Possessive with Names Ending in s How to Form It But in recent years I have noticed another “s” being added after the apostrophe. A: As far as we can tell, an apostrophe plus the letter “s” has generally been used to mark the possessive case of singular nouns since at least the 1700s. Writing the possessive with names ending in s *should* be simple. But there's no. I write James's coat and you may write James' coat. But as.

James "Bucky" Barnes/Darcy Lewis/Steve Therefore, in the example above, the correct usage would be “Adams’s (2013) work.” Although this presentation may look awkward to some writers, the rule for forming the possessive does not change just because the name ends in ). Tags. No Archive Warnings Apply; James "Bucky" Barnes/Darcy Lewis/Steve Rogers; Others to be determined as I go or as requested; All the characters I can fit in this.

Possessive 's after S - Pronounciation Antimoon These all contain errors that are very common in speech, particularly among native speakers. How do you use the possessive after nouns that already end in S or Z? Let's forget about any conventions there mht be in writing. Let's just. In London it's St James-iz Square, here it's just plain St James Square. We Scots.

ON LANGUAGE - Possessing Dukakis - Let's forget about any conventions there mht be in writing. I was also pointing out that the rules for such, at least in the dialect here, do not necessarily make sense etymologiy, as by the rules above both "Williams" and "Jones" should not take the extra /ɪz/ as they both end in a patronymic /z/, but in reality here "Jones" indeed does take such while "Williams" does not. So I write it without the possessive the copy editor changes it, but that's not. Dukakis's nominee to be Ambassador to the Court of St. James's.

Do You Make These 7 Mistakes When You I somewhat often find myself struggling to find a grammatical construct for adding information about a possessive, particularly where the additional information is nonsubstantive enough that I don’t want to dedicate an entire sentence to presenting it. It’s time once again to review those nasty errors that damage our credibility when we write. Not normally a fun task, but absolutely necessary. I promise to keep.

Apostrophes and Possessives - Orville Jenkins Home Most people regularly write stuff like “We went to James’s house” without stopping to think whether it should be “James’ house.” In many areas of life, such cavalier carelessness is a bad idea. Can you ever just add es to a word for a possessive. For example, "Witches brew" instead of "Witch's brew"? If not, is the. Ex. Two men named James.

Grammar Girl Apostrophe Catastrophe Part Two Quick and Dirty. I said it in the last episode about apostrophes, and I'll say it again: there are some confusing situations when it comes to apostrophes. Get Grammar Girl's take on apostrophe catastrophe. Learn how to make plural words possessive, how to make words that end in s plural, and.

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